Wild and Free, The Reaper Makes Three

Wild and Free, the Reaper Makes Three is a series that portrays the prevalent theme of maladaptive notions preventing mortal fulfillment. The impermanence of the human condition becomes a weaponized pursuit of preservation to the extent it’s unrecognized as a cataclysmic diversion from the human experience. Reared by design in a series of events, humans inherently dismiss the adage “Memento Mori, Amor Fati” in an attempt to command fate in its entirety. Persistence of looming mortality endows us a guard from meeting the unknown. This guard circumnavigates depths that lie within our greatest fears, but the truth is, it serves as an equal ballast against the necessities to honor our dreams. Enduring in vibrant color is fearlessly accepting that fate is hereafter we nevermore survive or recover.


Life is merely a series of good times and bad times completing for the highest score.

I have a dark soul, not a dark heart.

Mystery is a natural stimulant.

Our demons are just the weight of our experiences.

When all we look for is the tragedy, we undermine the history.