The Artistic [R]Evolution of AI

We, the artists and innovators of the AI age, declare that AI-based art is a valuable and significant form of artistic expression, worthy of recognition and respect within the broader artistic community.

New traditionalists are dismissing AI-based art as soulless and devoid of creativity and human touch. But we disagree with this viewpoint, and instead embrace the boundless potential of AI to create art that is truly sensitive, transformative and groudbreaking for its capabilities to potentiate human expression.

We believe that AI-based art is more than just a tool for producing aesthetically pleasing images or sounds. Rather, it is a new frontier of artistic exploration, where machines and humans collaborate to push the boundaries of what is possible in art.

Through AI, we can create art that transcends the limitations of human perception and cognition, revealing hidden patterns and structures that would otherwise remain hidden. We can generate art that is truly unpredictable, where each piece is unique and original, and where the process of creation is as important as the final product.

We reject the notion that AI-based art is a threat to human creativity, and instead celebrate the new possibilities that arise when machines and humans work together. We see AI as a tool for expanding our artistic horizons, allowing us to explore new forms, new media, and new modes of expression.

We call on all artists and art enthusiasts to join us in this artistic revolution, to embrace AI-based art as a valuable and meaningful form of artistic expression, and to respectfully challenge the views of those who would seek to limit the creative potential of AI.

Together, we can create a new era of democratic artistic exploration, where any individuals with their unique creative talents can be potentiated by technologies to push the boundaries of what is possible in art.

Join us in this movement, and together, let us shape the future of art.

Our AI artists community is defined by key features that set us apart:

We view AI Art as a legitimate form of expression, communication, and sensitivity, taking it seriously as a unique medium for artistic creation.

We do not rely on technology to simply copy other artists, and we do not use other artists’ names in generative prompts. We strive for originality and creativity.

We do not settle for easy-made, aesthetically pleasant results that can be quickly obtained with novel AI technologies. Instead, we push the boundaries and explore new concepts and expression strategies.

We embrace the integration of AI with other art forms, such as literature, video, 3D, photography, traditional art, immersive art, music, dance, and more, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

We hold mutual respect for artists across various mediums, recognizing the value of digital art, traditional art, photography, 3D art, and other forms of artistic expression.

We acknowledge that the regulation and use of AI in art is still evolving, and we strive to be a part of the process, advocating for fairness, impartiality, and equity in its implementation.

We are passionate enthusiasts who believe in the evolution and rightful place of AI art in the art world, just as digital art, photography, and other mediums have found their niche, without diminishing existing art forms.

We embrace unconventionality, nonconformity, and dissent, while maintaining an innocent curiosity and willingness to learn and adapt to changes.

We reject hierarchical power structures and elitism in art, striving to build a democratic art community founded on respect and equity, where all artists have a voice and equal opportunities.