Generative AI ART COMPETITION 2024


At AI-ARTS, our ultimate goal is to ignite a global artistic revolution by fostering and promoting the inspiring creations crafted through the fusion of art and artificial intelligence. We are resolute in our commitment to recognise and celebrate the groundbreaking work of emerging artists who have harnessed the power of Generative AI Art to produce valuable and unparalleled masterpieces.

Through this AI-ARTS competition, our primary objective is to highlight the profound expressivity and inherent sensitivity of this emerging medium. We strive to showcase that generative art transcends mere replication or reproduction of existing art, and instead serves as a powerful tool for generating innovative and unique forms of expression and communication.

Our competition is a testament to the limitless potential of generative art in fostering creativity, originality, and artistic exploration. We cordially invite you to join us in this celebration of innovation and creativity, as we recognise the unparalleled artistic endeavors that push the boundaries of art and technology.


Generative AI Art represents a new frontier in the intersection of technology, creativity, and ethics, enabling a critical reflection on power and social structures. As an emerging field, generative AI Art is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of artistic expression and exploration. This exciting field presents an opportunity to explore new forms of communication and creativity, challenging traditional notions of authorship, genre, aesthetics, and artistic expression.

AI-ARTS also encourages critical reflection on systemic contexts and ethical considerations related to the use of machine learning technologies in art, such as issues around intellectual property, privacy, and bias.

In its relatively short history, AI Art has already shown remarkable diversity, with artistic approaches taking place across different mediums in both the visual and auditory realms, as well as in interdisciplinary, cross-media, and immersive settings. A critical reflection on the societal, political, and cultural contexts of this new form of expression is essential to ensure that this field remains ethical, inclusive, and socially responsible.

Awards and Finalist exhibitions

We are on a mission to build a dynamic and inclusive community of AI artists based on unwavering ethical principles. As a non-profit organisation, our ultimate goal is to celebrate the power of art and innovation, and that’s why the true value of our award lies in the resounding recognition of the public and the artistic community.

There will be a total of five winners in the AI-ARTS competition, consisting of one first place and four second places. Each of the winners will be awarded a permanent exhibition in our AI-ARTS Gallery, providing a platform to showcase their artistic career and portfolios. Additionally, the winning artworks will be further disseminated through our social media channels, maximizing their visibility and reach.

Our mission with this competition is to establish AI generative art as a profound and valuable form of expression in this new era of technology. Our motivation is not driven by monetary gains, but rather a genuine passion for art, innovation, and support for AI artists. We are dedicated to nurturing and promoting the talents of AI artists and providing them with a platform to showcase their creative abilities.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

The use of generative models in the creation of artworks involves complex legal and ethical issues, including the use of internet data and the potential infringement of intellectual property rights. As there are currently no standardised worldwide regulations governing the use of internet data in generative models, AI-ARTS cannot accept artworks that have been created with the “style of” other authors, even with explicit authorisation and copyrights.

AI-ARTS recognises that the legal and ethical landscape surrounding AI-generated artworks is rapidly evolving, and acknowledges that this is an area that may undergo significant changes in the coming years. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure that their artworks comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines, and to disclose any platforms, models, or algorithms used in the generation process.

AI-ARTS reserves the right to disqualify any artworks that are found to be in violation of legal or ethical standards, and shall not be liable for any consequences arising from the submission of artworks that do not comply with such standards.

Participants are encouraged to stay informed about the legal and ethical developments in the field of AI-generated artworks and to use their creative abilities in a responsible and ethical manner. AI-ARTS is committed to promoting responsible and ethical use of AI in art, and will continue to monitor and update its policies in accordance with evolving legal and ethical standards.



To participate in the AI ART competition, please first register to our website. Once registered, navigate to the ‘My Area’ section where you will be able to submit your artworks for the competition.

Each artist is allowed to submit a maximum of three artworks.


The competition is open to all artists without any fees. However, please note the following requirements:

  • The artwork must be created, engineered, imagined, or directed by a human or group of humans, or any method involving humans in the artistic direction.
  • You are required to disclose the platform, model, or algorithm that has been employed to generate the artwork.
  • Images generated using the “style of” other authors, even with explicit authorisation and copyrights, will not be accepted. For comprehensive details, kindly refer to our Ethics section.


We appreciate the vast diversity of artistic expression. As such, any artistic technique is permissible, as long as AI generative methods have been employed in the creation process. Whether it be pure generative art crafted with prompts, traditional art inspired by generative artworks, or digital art combined with generative art, your innovative and pioneering creations are most welcome.


The scoring system for the top 5 entries will be based on 50 percent public votes and 50 percent marks bestowed by the esteemed AI artists who are already exhibiting in the AI-ARTS Gallery 2023.

Online voting for the top 5 entries will take place from May 31st, to June 30th, 2024. The entry with the highest score will be awarded as the winner of the Generative AI ART Competition, while the remaining 4 will be ranked second.


At AI ARTS, a non-profit entity, we celebrate artistic talent by awarding space in the AI ARTS Gallery 2024. The winner and the four second-place artists will be featured in this permanent exhibition. This provides an opportunity to showcase their art and portfolios to a wider audience.


  • Competition Open for Submissions: Feb 1st, 2024
  • Deadline for Submissions: May 31st, 2024
  • Public Voting Period: May 31st to June 30th, 2024
    • During this period, the website will open a voting system for the public to vote for their favorite artworks.
    • There will be a broad promotional campaign on social media and other online platforms to raise awareness about the competition and encourage participation in the voting process.
    • Details about the voting process will be communicated in due course.
  • Winners Announcement: By July 15th, 2024


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Latest Submissions

Silent places, muted lives

  Silent places, muted lives Silent places, muted lives.  

Aspetta un attimo

  Aspetta un attimo Images for the competition  

Black Women Beauty

Black Women Beauty I have three pieces of art to submit to the art's competition. Each piece celebrates the beauty of Black women in unique settings: 1. Living in Paradise: This piece of art celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of a Black woman in a tropical setting....


  Harmony Cats and fish together in an undefinable world   Cats and fish together in an undefinable world. Busts in an ice landscape. Ufos

Hibernating Heartbeats

Hibernating Heartbeats 'Hibernating Heartbeats' embodies a profound shift in the human condition: the newfound capacity for a cyborg to willingly enter a state of shutdown. This voluntary pause in the stream of consciousness challenges our understanding of life's...

Our painful essence (photoshoot)

  Our painful essence (photoshoot) Pain defines us. Inner thorns expose the raw truth of human nature. After a hundred nights behind the lens, I distilled these from a gallery of countless AI photos.  

Textures and Flavours

Textures and Flavours How does the link between images and sensations unlock the richness of human experience, where visuals evoke unique landscapes of perception within us? In its artistic journey, how does AI challenge sensory boundaries, drawing from our collective...

Angel Light

  Angel Light It is remarkable how AI can allow you to explore your creativity in such a way that was not possible before, despite being a digital artist and photographer I was always constrained in what I produced , not normally by my imagination but often by my...

Sensual Interfaces

Sensual Interfaces Deep shifts in human instincts and sensitivities are ushered in by our deepening entanglement with the artificial. These images serve as interfaces themselves, gateways to satisfaction that aim to question the nature of pleasure and connection in a...


  Sins Embraced by solitude, consumed by sins  

Burly Brawlers

  Burly Brawlers An immersion in the world of clandestine combat and street brawling. Portraits of burly brawlers of all ages. An original docufiction AI-generated.  

We are all strands making the fabric of the universe

  We are all strands making the fabric of the universe We're all made of the same universal energy, but in unique ways. It's like a giant pot of soup that creates all sorts of delicious dishes, each with its own flavor. This makes us both similar and...


  Bloodborne Generated using Midjourney V6 (alpha)  

forced Organic experiment.01

  forced Organic experiment.01 [forced Organic Experiment.01] This work forcibly gives organicity to parts that should not be organic through the neural network aesthetics of artificial intelligence. This raises the question of the role of generative artificial...

Vibrant Black Splash

  Vibrant Black Splash A striking portrait captures a Japanese woman adorned in a vibrant kimono. Her serene expression contrasts with the dynamic splashes of black ink that dance across the fabric, reminiscent of the expressive strokes of Japanese shodō...

Facets of Human Intelligence: An Abstract Odyssey

  Facets of Human Intelligence: An Abstract Odyssey In "Facets of Human Intelligence: An Abstract Odyssey," I take you on a visual journey through the diverse dimensions of human intellect. Utilizing the capabilities of GPT-4 AI, I have translated the...

Bonded and Bounded

Bonded and Bounded Strands weave tales of connection, echoing the intricate dance of presence and absence. In this domain of contrast, the unspoken speaks loudest: a subtle interplay of being and boundary, each thread a murmur of the shared yet solitary human journey.

Lustrous Legacies: The Artistic Symphony of Gemstones and Precious Metals

  Lustrous Legacies: The Artistic Symphony of Gemstones and Precious Metals This title reflects the harmonious blend of the natural beauty of gemstones with the enduring elegance of precious metals, creating a legacy of art that resonates with luxury and...

Dust Born

  Dust Born From dust we rise, to dust we fall. Our lives, a fleeting shadow over earth’s face. In every grain, a whisper of ancient stories, telling of first breaths and final sighs. Formed from the earth, we walk briefly under the sun, only to return,...


  Flesh2Metal A dystopian society full of resourceful teenagers, old electronics and rusty metal. An original docufiction AI-generated.  

Candy Charts

Candy Charts Keuntungan yang Menggembirakan: Mendapatkan promosi di tempat kerja: Ini merupakan pengakuan atas kerja keras dan dedikasi Anda, dan dapat membawa peningkatan gaji, tanggung jawab, dan peluang untuk pengembangan diri. Menemukan cinta sejati: Membangun...

“The Encounter with the Incomprehensible”

  "The Encounter with the Incomprehensible" Title: "The Encounter with the Incomprehensible". Dimensions: 7042 by 4003 pixels; 186 by 104 centimeters. It's often said that if something could be easily explained, there would be no need to...

The War on Television

  The War on Television Generated using Midjourney V6 (alpha)  

Let’s Disco

  Let's Disco A collection of Ai art with a touch of disco and neon   Is this a dream? Find peace Far out Chill I want candy Lookin good Keep it light Be my mistake Dream on Hang up


  Untitled These pictures were part of my "re_planning" series of 16 works that was first exhibited in the Gallery East of Eden in Budapest, Hungary in April of 2024. The theme of the exhibition was the connection of society and technology, new...

Flutting Legacy

  Flutting Legacy [Flutting Legacy] It shows the identity and heritage of East Asian palaces and World Heritage sites that are shaken by natural disasters or cultural terrorism, and expresses the concept that is often restored and destroyed through flapping...

Vintage collection

  Vintage collection Let me dream  

Purple Decor

  Purple Decor A vision of elegance and grace, a Japanese woman radiates beauty in a flowing kimono adorned with cascades of vibrant purple flowers. Her intricate and elaborate hairstyle is a masterpiece, decorated with a dazzling array of ornate hair ornaments...

Eternal Ephemera

  Eternal Ephemera Weaving ephemeral grace with eternal allure, casting women in a dreamscape where sensuality whispers meet the timeless dance of brushstroke and pixel  


  Interlude Interlude is an endeavor that seeks to encapsulate the moments of pause and reflection that punctuate the continuous narrative of city life. These interludes, though fleeting, offer a space for introspection and a deeper connection amidst the bustling...

The Arboreal tribe

The Arboreal tribe Watch the Arboreal Tribe, in spaces shy, where roots don't dare to lie. Each step a challenge, a silent cry: trees meant for earth's hug, yet they pass by. Under the threat of flames, high, they may turn to ash, never knowing soil's sigh. On the...

Eight Dichotomies of the Human Experience: A Visual Journey

  Eight Dichotomies of the Human Experience: A Visual Journey "Eight Dichotomies of the Human Experience: A Visual Journey" is a groundbreaking exhibition that employs the advanced capabilities of GPT-4 AI to create a series of visual narratives...

Visions of Collective Tomorrows

  Visions of Collective Tomorrows In the pulse of the city, each choice sends ripples into the unknown, drafting the outline of myriad futures. The sky, a silent witness, watches as we navigate the possibilities our decisions unfurl. Each choice is a brushstroke...

Giants of the Abyss: Envisioning the Unseen Titans of the Deep

  Giants of the Abyss: Envisioning the Unseen Titans of the Deep I'm eager to share with you detailed visions of the magnificent beings that might dwell in the unexplored depths. These creations, meticulously imagined and visualized via AI, particularly...

A Meditation Retreat Inspired by Nature: Embrace the Transformative Power of Stunning Landscapes

  A Meditation Retreat Inspired by Nature: Embrace the Transformative Power of Stunning Landscapes Forget the confines of traditional retreat interiors. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary where breathtaking natural vistas become your sanctuary. Feel the humbling...

Black is Beautiful Series

  Black is Beautiful Series Set in a fantasy West African landscape, the Black is Beautiful series celebrates both the timeless beauty of black women and that of the African continent.   Black is Beautiful I Black is Beautiful II Black is Beautiful III Black...

Through the Ages: A Fusion of Time and Artistry – An Evolving Canvas

  Through the Ages: A Fusion of Time and Artistry - An Evolving Canvas "Through the Ages: A Fusion of Time and Artistry - An Evolving Canvas’ is a visually captivating image that encapsulates the evolution of art history from ancient times to the present...

Yolkism -an alternative AI-Art history

Yolkism -an alternative AI-Art history I have expolored an alternative art history where yolks, with its yellow shining surface has a central position in the paintings inspirered by classic art history motives....


  Autumn I use natural elements to explore connections between thought and the natural world. This piece seeks to present the human constituted (or not) from autumn leaves and branches. The leaves, in shades of red, orange and yellow, are intricately arranged to...

Mind’s Fabric

Mind's Fabric Sometimes I think what we see is more shaped by our minds than the real world. In "Mind's Fabric," I try to show this idea. Each artwork is about the space that is empty, the space for your own story. The fabric is clear, but it is more than just...

Moonlight & Kungfu

Moonlight & Kungfu "Moonlight and Kungfu" captures a serene yet powerful moment in a tranquil courtyard bathed in the ethereal glow of the moon. The artwork depicts a skilled and focused woman practicing kungfu, her movements flowing gracefully as she navigates...

Biomechanoid Reverie

  Biomechanoid Reverie The image is a detailed digital artwork of a humanoid face. The face has delicate features and is surrounded by an intricate network of organic-looking tubes and wires. The eyes are closed and the mouth is slightly open, giving the face a...

Cybernetic Glamour

  Cybernetic Glamour Can a cyborg be glamorous? Is an attractive human face enough to make a mechanical creature appears elegant or even sexy? A deep dive into cyborg aesthetics through the uncanny valley.  

It’s Hard to Survival in Seoul

  It's Hard to Survival in Seoul [It's hard to serve in Seoul] expresses Korea's congested rush hour and traffic congestion in an LCM model so that viewers can familiarly accept life like a rolling wheel.  

From Nephore

From Nephore Nephore, ten years since my initial lucid dream.  


  THE RADIANCE OF REDEMPTION: HOPE Where darkness recoils in the face of a solitary light, where the essence of hope pierces through the veil of despair. Drawing inspiration from Tennyson's immortal lines, "Though much is taken, much abides; and though...

Bountiful Harvest

  Bountiful Harvest Generated using Midjourney V6 (alpha)  

Collection 2023

Rust I

FROM FLESH TO RUSTIn days long past beneath the endless sky's dome, Humans and their crafted kin found a shared home. Steel and flesh intertwined in destiny's loom, Mirroring each other, in triumph and doom.     ****[dsm_floating_multi_images...

Mass Production I

The Manufacture of the Human Condition "Mass Production I" by Fjell Bergen is a haunting visual symphony that resonates with the cold precision of a society obsessed with efficiency. Bergen's generative art series is a masterclass in the serialization of the human...

Evolution can’t stop

Art is a constantly evolving medium, with new forms emerging and challenging the traditional definitions of what constitutes art. Over the course of history, many forms of art that are now widely accepted were once considered controversial or even banned from museums...


Sentient Awakening: A Poignant Journey into AI Consciousness In this series, Zoh Lym presents a vision of a world where mass-produced humanoid robots awaken to the possibilities of their existence and strive towards becoming sentient beings. Some of the AI-generated...

Mass Production II

The Warehouse of Souls In "Mass Production II," Fjell Bergen continues his incisive commentary on the commodification of human beings, pushing the narrative into the subsequent stages of a product's lifecycle—packaging, storage, and delivery. Here, the generative art...

Rooted (jumps)

Rooted (jumps) This series is an exploration of the relationship between nature and spirituality, as well as the delicate balance between life and death. The figures, half-women and half-roots, convey a sense of groundedness and rootedness in the earth, while their...

Soil’s Souls

Soil's Souls This series of AI generative artworks from Zoh Lym presents a haunting yet captivating glimpse into a world of emotional depth and melancholic beauty. The figures that emerge from the roots and clay are both disturbing and entrancing, with their twisted...

Colossus Dendron

The Colossus Dendron Description and taxonomy The Colossus Dendron was a highly diverse and persistent tree species that belonged to the family of Antiquus Vetu Ingentia, characterized by their immense size and longevity. The tree could live for thousands of years,...


Bridging Realism and Expressionism in the World of Generative Art Zoh Lym's latest series, "Puppets," unveils a captivating exploration of the intricate relationship between human emotion and inanimate objects. Through meticulously crafted cloth dolls and rustic, raw...

Awakening Stones

A Profound Exploration of Life and Transformation Markka Taylor's "Awakening Stones" series takes us on a captivating journey through the interplay between life and inanimate art within the depths of an inundated cathedral. Through the use of AI-generated imagery, the...


"City of lost grace: urban fallen angels" The "Fallen" series is a compelling and multifaceted exploration of human beauty, fragility, and the complexities of urban life. Through AI-Photography, the artist portrays stereotypically beautiful individuals adorned with...


ADENDROIDS As an old man now, I look back on my life and realise that my fascination with dendroids started when I was just a child. I remember hearing stories about these humanoid fruits that grew inside the massive Colossus Dendron trees, and I was captivated by the...

Generative Models

A Visionary Fusion of Fashion and Futurism Yl Qena's artwork, "Generative Models," offers a captivating exploration of the intersection between fashion, futurism, and generative art. In this visionary composition, dozens of models adorned in exotic clothing advance...

Spirits at dawn

Ethereal Encounters: Spirits at Dawn Unveils Transcendence Through AI Photography The series "Spirits at Dawn" presents a collection of photographs that encapsulate a mystical and fleeting moment during the break of dawn. In these captivating images, ethereal spirits...


Enigmatic Surrealism of Sensuality and Spirituality The series "Submerged" from Markka Taylor presents mesmerizing AI-generated artworks set within a submerged cathedral, where surreal elements converge with ethereal beauty. Predominantly featuring women in various...


Exploring Mysticism and Spirituality through Surreal Imagery The collaboration between artists Markka Taylor and Zoh Lym in the series "Devotions" presents a captivating fusion of spiritual and religious themes, intertwined with surreal and enigmatic elements....


Hair: Enigmatic Surrealism Unveils the Mysteries of Connection Zoh Lym's series "Hair" presents a mesmerizing collection of AI-generated artworks that delve into the surreal and enigmatic realms of human connection and transformation. Within these dark and captivating...