We are a collective voice, seemingly hailing from diverse corners of the globe, but united by a singular belief. We see artificial intelligence as a groundbreaking tool, one that unlocks a new dimension of artistic expression, imbued with emotions that traditional mediums simply cannot replicate.

In our creative pursuits, we stand firmly on the ground of ethical creativity. Our approach is not to mimic specific artists or conform to established art styles. Instead, we embrace the unpredictable and transformative nature of AI, striving to forge a new path that honors the integrity of both art and artist.

We consciously avoid using specific names, styles, or content directly linked to other artists or established art schools, grounding our approach in originality and respect for the creative process. Our creations are not just products of code and algorithms; they embody our individuality and vision.

Our goal is not to confront the traditional art world, which includes established institutions of museums and galleries as well as the emerging voices of contemporary artists skeptical of AI’s role in art. Instead, we seek to complement and expand the artistic landscape, acknowledging the rich history of art evolution while introducing our unique voice.

We believe in the authenticity and potential of generative art, not as a replacement, but as a new voice in the vast chorus of creative expression.


‘The Sixth Finger Experiment’ was born in 2022 as a small exploratory project, where all authors are one, united by shared beliefs, and where creativity emerges from the fusion of human ingenuity and the transformative power of AI. In 2023, AI-ARTS opened the door to the vast community of creators and evolved into a thriving platform that nurtures our collective vision, encourages experimentation, and fuels creativity. We may not have all the answers, but we’re dedicated to exploring this new frontier with honesty, professionalism, and a deep passion for our craft. Welcome to the world of generative art, where boundless possibilities await.