Ethical Use of Images and Copyrights

We understand the importance of ethical use of images and copyrights in creating AI-generated art. We acknowledge the intellectual property rights of others and believe that AI-generated art must be created with transparency, honesty, and respect for copyright laws.

As AI-generated art continues to evolve, we recognize that it must be created with consideration for its impact on the broader community. We call on all artists and innovators in the AI community to create art that is socially responsible, inclusive, and reflective of the values and principles of the broader artistic community.

We believe that the collaboration between humans and machines can create art that is truly groundbreaking and transformative. By adhering to ethical standards and promoting responsible practices in the creation and use of AI-generated art, we can ensure that this revolution in art is not only aesthetically pleasing but also respectful of intellectual property rights and reflective of our values as a society.

We are convinced that we are witnessing the dawn of an era of profound artistic revolution, and our community is positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of art structures with unwavering principles of equality, transparency, respect, and boundless creativity.

Legal Considerations

The use of generative models in the creation of artworks involves complex legal and ethical issues, including the use of internet data to create AI models and the potential infringement of intellectual property rights.

As there are currently no standardised worldwide regulations governing the use of internet data in generative models, AI-ARTS cannot accept artworks that have been created with the “style of” other authors, even with explicit authorisation and copyrights.

AI-ARTS recognises that the legal and ethical landscape surrounding AI-generated artworks is rapidly evolving, and acknowledges that this is an area that may undergo significant changes in the coming years. It is the responsibility of AI artist to ensure that their artworks comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines, and to disclose any platforms, models, or algorithms used in the generation process.

AI-ARTS reserves the right to unpublish any artworks that are found to be in violation of legal or ethical standards, and shall not be liable for any consequences arising from the submission of artworks that do not comply with such standards.

AI-Artists are encouraged to stay informed about the legal and ethical developments in the field of AI-generated artworks and to use their creative abilities in a responsible and ethical manner. AI-ARTS is committed to promoting responsible and ethical use of AI in art, and will continue to monitor and update its policies in accordance with evolving legal and ethical standards.

Our AI artists community is defined by key features that set us apart:

We view AI Art as a legitimate form of expression, communication, and sensitivity, taking it seriously as a unique medium for artistic creation.

We do not rely on technology to simply copy other artists, and we do not use other artists’ names in generative prompts. We strive for originality and creativity.

We do not settle for easy-made, aesthetically pleasant results that can be quickly obtained with novel AI technologies. Instead, we push the boundaries and explore new concepts and expression strategies.

We embrace the integration of AI with other art forms, such as literature, video, 3D, photography, traditional art, immersive art, music, dance, and more, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

We hold mutual respect for artists across various mediums, recognizing the value of digital art, traditional art, photography, 3D art, and other forms of artistic expression.

We acknowledge that the regulation and use of AI in art is still evolving, and we strive to be a part of the process, advocating for fairness, impartiality, and equity in its implementation.

We are passionate enthusiasts who believe in the evolution and rightful place of AI art in the art world, just as digital art, photography, and other mediums have found their niche, without diminishing existing art forms.

We embrace unconventionality, nonconformity, and dissent, while maintaining an innocent curiosity and willingness to learn and adapt to changes.

We reject hierarchical power structures and elitism in art, striving to build a democratic art community founded on respect and equity, where all artists have a voice and equal opportunities.

Join us in this movement, and together, let us shape the future of art.