The Balance of Darkness

is a series portray how darkness is not on sale at Walmart, depth is not hiding in the menagerie of Target, and Costco has long been out of life experience. Darkness carries a stigma that it equates to misery. It leaves the impression that there is no joy, no laughter, and no light. This presumption is a comical reminder of how normal it is to make quick judgments about the unknown in others to hold ourselves in a higher regard.

The beauty of darkness is that it is impossible to cherish the true weight of light without it. Lifetimes that look enriched become hollowed by this lack of balance, while others become fully enriched by the sometimes imbalance. The imbalance teaches us to hold our light close and hide beneath the covers because that’s the only place the kindred knows where to find us. We wear our prickly exteriors to protect ourselves from the masses who use their own faults as weapons to assimilate our aura.

If being cast to the outskirts of the ordinary has taught me anything, it’s the one place I rarely find the real monsters hiding.