Look at me!


In the unforgiving glare of the airport bathroom’s fluorescent lights, I stand before the mirror, transfixed by my own reflection. Each line and shadow is illuminated with a clarity that borders on the surreal, exposing the very essence of my being to the harsh scrutiny of the light.

As I peer into the depths of my own reflection, I am acutely aware of the intricate web of organic forms that compose my existence. Sinewy muscles ripple beneath the surface, veins pulse with life, and every imperfection is laid bare in vivid detail. It’s as though I am submerged in a primordial soup of viscous matter, each component merging and melding in a disconcerting symphony of flesh.

Caught in this moment of profound introspection, I am overwhelmed by a palpable intensity that courses through my veins. It’s as if I am peeling back the layers of my own existence, confronting the raw essence of my being in its purest, most unfiltered form. And then, just as I begin to grapple with this unsettling revelation, the reflection before me begins to warp and twist. The familiar contours of my face contort into something altogether alien, its eyes boring into mine with an unspoken demand: “Look at me!”


“Look at me!”