Documenting the Emergence of AI Art

The AI-ARTS Collections aim to serve as a comprehensive documentation of the emergence and evolution of AI-generated art. The 2023 edition marks the inaugural release of our carefully crafted book. This edition features 84 pages filled with hundreds of images created last year as part of the Sixth Finger Experiment artistic project. This project coincided with the 2022 release of the first large language models and generative AI technologies made widely available to the public. The book captures the pioneering work of artists who explored these new tools, providing a snapshot of a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital art.










Support Our Mission

AI-ARTS.ORG is dedicated to advancing the understanding and appreciation of AI-generated art. As a non-profit organisation, we operate on minimal profits from sales, especially considering the high costs associated with on-demand printing. Each sale from the “Global Distribution” of our printed edition—despite costing significantly for an 84-page book—generates only about $0.50 in revenue!. This modest sum is a direct result of our commitment to quality and the expansive reach of our distribution.

Despite these financial challenges, we choose this path to ensure that the AI-ARTS Collection is accessible worldwide. Our goal is not just to sell books but to spread awareness and appreciation for AI art and the talented artists behind it on a global scale.



AI-ARTS.ORG Collection 2023 - Extracted Pages - Low Resolution

Available Editions

This carefully crafted Digital Edition of the AI-ARTS Collection 2023 is a product of extensive time and effort. Find it here!

  • Print Edition

If you prefer a physical copy, the Print Edition will be released soon through well-known distributors such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram. Produced using on-demand printing, this method ensures that each book meets high-quality standards, although it does come at a higher production cost. We will provide links to purchase through global distributors as soon as they become available. In the meantime, you can check the publisher’s website, which may serve most territories. Find it here

Sample Preview

This preview is in lower resolution to facilitate faster and smoother online browsing. It provides a glimpse into some of the pages of the book.

We encourage everyone who values the new paradigm of AI Art and the role of platforms like ours in disseminating this innovative form of expression to support this endeavor. By purchasing a copy of the AI-ARTS Collection, you help sustain our platform and contribute to the growth of this unique field, aiding us in our mission to celebrate and promote the work of AI artists across the globe.