Slay Your Own Dragons

We learn that pain is unproductive at the cost of recognizing how beautiful it is that we get to decide where it belongs. Where there is space for profound pain, there is an equal capacity for enduring joy. Fear is not intrinsic. We collect lifetimes of trauma through generations and experiences, commonly lacking the tools to navigate their depths. We concrete ourselves into survival mode as time tallies, our flame wearies. Survival keeps the grim reaper on speed dial and digs graves for our experiences. Fear is the dragon who roars from the outside of our concrete caves, its magnitude both amplified and shrouded by its ambiguity. We own the swords to face these beasts in every beat of our hearts. The serrated edges beating with the power to slice through us or too us. The courage to pull these swords from our hearts to face our dragons grant us the grace to embrace our capacities.