Queen of Shadows: A Dark Fantasy Art Series

This series reflect my love for dark fantasy. It is a walk into the shadow realm featuring Black women. The following art pieces reflect the dark side of artistic imagination. They establish a place where darkness intertwines with beauty and the Queen of Shadows hold dominion.


An eerie image emerges from the depth of darkness. The Blood Queen stands at the threshold of existence, her disembodied head peeking out from a red and grey door. The room's floor is submerged in a crimson blood liquid, its surface rippling with secrets. On either side of the door, wolves keep silent vigil, guardians of forbidden knowledge. And there, amidst the macabre scene, red roses bloom defiantly.


In the dim candlelight, the Gothic Queen reigns supreme. Her gown, as black as the abyss, is adorned with golden trim. A golden crown with red roses rests upon her regal head. Beside her, a black cat companion. The background swirls – an eerie mixture of black, red, and gold, an enigmatic canvas for her regal beauty.


Mystical Queen, draped in a flowing black gown, walks quietly through the dark forest. Her attire, intricately threaded with gold, catches the moon's elusive glow. Above her, an abstract night sky highlights her beauty. In each hand, she cradles a raven, their glossy features reflecting the secrets of forgotten realms. Her presence is both ethereal and haunting.


Amidst swirling mist, the Witch stirs her cauldron – a vessel of ancient alchemy. The brew within the cauldron bubbles with mysterious concoctions, each ingredient chosen with care. Around her, the moonlit night sky casts upon her reveals both wisdom and malevolence.


The Golden Skull Priestess stands at the nexus of life and death. Her robe, a fusion of black and gold, drapes elegantly around her form. A gold mask conceals some of her features. In her hands, she cradles a gold skull, its hollow eyes reflecting forgotten memories. Candles flicker, and flowers bloom, mingling with the midst that shrouds the Golden Skull Priestess' purpose.

These images hopefully will hold for the viewer an opportunity to pierce through the veil of a beautiful artistic representation of dark mystery and fantasy. A scenic exploration of the Queens of Shadows and its celebration of Black women in a dark fantasy world.