The Manufacture of the Human Condition

“Mass Production I” by Fjell Bergen is a haunting visual symphony that resonates with the cold precision of a society obsessed with efficiency. Bergen’s generative art series is a masterclass in the serialization of the human form, where each figure is encased within glass boxes, stripped of their uniqueness and reduced to mere components in a larger, impersonal system. The nudity of these figures is not for shock value; rather, it serves to underscore their vulnerability and sameness, challenging the viewer to search for individuality where there is seemingly none.

Bergen’s critique is clear: in the age of mass production, humans have become just another product to be assembled, tested, and discarded. The anonymity of the figures is a powerful statement on the loss of personal identity in the face of industrial and technological expansion. The artist’s viewpoint is not just a critique but a stark warning of a world where humanity is secondary to output and efficiency.

Generative art emerges as the perfect instrument in Bergen’s arsenal, allowing for the replication and manipulation of human forms in ways that traditional mediums cannot. The technology behind AI art becomes a narrative device, echoing the themes of automation and depersonalization. Bergen leverages this medium to create a body of work that is as intellectually rigorous as it is visually compelling, ensuring that the message does not get lost in the medium but is instead amplified by it.



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