Fairytales Reimagined

This art series present a stunning reimaging of classic fairytales. This art series breathes new life into timeless stories. Each piece in this four-part collection celebrates the beauty of a Black woman, casting her as a beloved protagonist in tales that have captivated people for generations. My fairy tale series features the following popular heroines:

1. Snow White and the Poison Apple in this portrayal, Snow White meets a cosmic mystery. The heroine, a Black woman od regal beauty and grace holds a crimson apple – a symbol of knowledge and power over the antagonists in her story. Behind her, a portal to the night sky which is dotted with apples seems to hold the secrets of the universe itself.

2. Rapunzel Reimagined seems to indicate that gone are the days of the damsel waiting for rescue. Rapunzel got out the tower on her own. She is standing outside with the tower in the background. Her hair is a wild cascade of ebony locks, interwoven with vibrant flowers. Rapunzel gazes up at an abstract night sky with ravens flying above her. This art piece hints at Rapunzel's connection to nature and her untamed spirit.

3. Sleeping Beauty features Sleeping Beauty sleeping under a blanket of the night sky. She lies in repose, not in waiting, but in serene contemplation. Surrounded by a flourish of flowers, Sleeping Beauty is the embodiment of peace and resilience, her rest under the night sky symbolizing a pause before the dawn of her new awakening.

4. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf has Little Red Riding Hood walking boldly through the forest wearing her signature red dress and hood. Beside her, a majestic wolf – her protector and companion – guides Little Red Riding Hood's path in the dark forest.

This art series find inspiration beyond the expected narrative and finds power in diversity and the magic of self-identity.