City of Dreams Art Series

This three-part art series has a recuring motif of a Black woman against the backdrop of a cityscape and nature's elements highlights the harmonious coexistence of human, urban, and natural beauty.

The first part of the series, City of Dreams I, represents a nocturnal bloom under the velvet cloak of the night sky, a Black woman treads softly through the reflective waters, her presence a serene force amidst the city's sleeping silhouette. The water, a mirror to the cosmos, ripples with each step, sending the surrounding flowers into a gentle dance. The cityscape, a distant yet vigilant guardian, watches over her journey through this dreamscape.

City of Dreams II is a surreal embrace of an abstract psychedelic night sky with a Black woman standing by the water's edge. The cityscape stretches behind her, its lights a muted chorus to the vivid symphony of colors above. Flowers bloom in wild abandon around her, their hues a testament to nature's untamed artistry. The scene is a fusion of reality and fantasy, where urban heartbeat syncs with the rhythm of the extraordinary.

City of Dreams III has a lunar reflection on the shores of a darkened water body while a Black woman finds solace in the solitude of the night. The cityscape looms in the background, its skyline a jagged rhythm against the smooth melody of the dark moonlit sky. Flowers, like silent sentinels, encircle her, their beauty a stark contrast to the enigmatic shadows cast by the moon's tender glow.

The City of Dreams art saga encapsulates the essence of dreams and reality converging, with each piece narrating a unique story of serenity, wonder, and introspection. Creating a harmonious fusion of humanity and an urban landscape.