Black Women Beauty

I have three pieces of art to submit to the art’s competition. Each piece celebrates the beauty of Black women in unique settings:

1. Living in Paradise: This piece of art celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of a Black woman in a tropical setting. The woman is the focal point of the piece as she stands in front of a waterfall and two serene looking swans swimming in a lake. The Black is wearing blue which matches the sky and the water. To complete the look, she is wearing red and blue jewelry and feather headdress. The art piece conveys a sense of harmony as the woman enjoys living in paradise.

2. Snow Queen: This piece of art depicts a Black woman in a winter landscape, surrounded by snow and ice. The woman has long white hair that contrast with her dark skin and creates a striking visual effect. She wears a long white gown that is adorned with blue gemstones, which sparkles like the snow around her. The art piece evokes a sense of majesty and power, as the woman rules over the snow queen’s domain.

3. Black and White: This piece of art uses a yin-yang style to illustrate the beauty of a Black woman. The woman has a white circle behind her upper body, which contrast with the black background. The background has grey spiral pattern and a white flower on each side of the woman, which symbolize the dynamic and harmonious relationship between opposites. The woman wears a black and white dress that has a similar pattern and motif as the background. The art piece conveys a sense of beauty and balance, as the woman embodies the yin and yang of life.