Three Headed Jesus


Have you seen the portrait of “Three Faced Jesus" ? (Yup that's my first question here).

It was an attempt to visually encapsulate the fundamental Christian belief that God exists in three distinct forms—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—yet remains one entity. This concept, known as the Holy Trinity, And it posed a significant artistic challenge, in its time it was hugely controversial.
Such portrayal was condemned as blasphemous.The audacity to depict God in a triadic form was both a bold artistic statement and a theological controversy.

However, this notion of multiplicity in divinity is not unique to Christianity. In Japanese culture, there is a saying that each person has three faces: one they show to the world, one they show to close friends and family, and one they never reveal to others.

Similarly, in Hinduism, it is common to depict deities with multiple faces or arms, symbolizing their vast and varied powers and attributes. Gods like Brahma, with his four faces, represent the comprehensive nature of divine wisdom and perception, seeing in all directions at once.

The multi-faced depiction serves as an archetype representing the complex, multifaceted nature of divinity and human identity. It reflects our inherent understanding that both the divine and the self are not singular or simple, but rather composed of multiple dimensions and layers.

Context Aside,
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I just like this concept. I wanted to try this archetype in AI. I'm still figuring out the perfect prompt that would encapsulate the image of three faces.


Or let's talk about duality!

And there is much more !!!
I'm in this picture! I will give you a hint: that's a lot of shadows, don't you think?

More faces ? is there a four ?

There is !
Brahma is typically depicted with four faces that represent the four Vedas (Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda), which are the fundamental texts of Hinduism.
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