Moonlight & Kungfu

“Moonlight and Kungfu” captures a serene yet powerful moment in a tranquil courtyard bathed in the ethereal glow of the moon. The artwork depicts a skilled and focused woman practicing kungfu, her movements flowing gracefully as she navigates the martial art forms beneath the celestial illumination.

The moonlight casts a gentle luminescence, creating a play of shadows that accentuate the contours of the traditional architecture surrounding the courtyard. The woman’s silhouette is a study in fluidity and strength, each movement a dance that harmonizes with the stillness of the night.

Her attire, a blend of traditional martial arts garb and moonlit elegance, adds to the visual poetry of the scene. The subtle details, such as the ripples in her clothing and the precise positioning of her limbs, convey a sense of both discipline and artistry in her practice.

The tranquility of the courtyard is juxtaposed against the dynamic energy of the woman’s kungfu, creating a captivating visual narrative. “Moonlight and Kungfu” is an exploration of the intersection between strength and grace, tradition and the present, set against the timeless backdrop of a moonlit night.

On this night, the carousel horse decided to leave its world behind…

Still moon’s soft embrace,
Mirror lake, silent and deep,
Night’s tranquil tableau.

Dance at Dusk



Shinobi no Mono