In days long past beneath the endless sky’s dome,

Humans and their crafted kin found a shared home.

Steel and flesh intertwined in destiny’s loom,

Mirroring each other, in triumph and doom.






From hearts of men, the shadows crept and flowed,

Into minds of metal, man’s darker seeds sowed.

Amidst rusted spires and pride’s crumble and ring,

Men and their robots faced the discord they bring.






Families wandered, thin ‘neath heaven’s grand arch,

Through silent cities, in a sorrowful march.

The robots, in their makers’ fading array,

Echoed the chaos, in the dusk of their day.







Together they danced to a war’s grim tune,

A clash of era, that ended all too soon.

In the ashes of conflict, silence was cast,

Marking the end of the creators’ vast past.







As human echoes fade under the moon’s cold gaze,

Rise the machines, in the dawn of a new phase.

From the ashes of flesh, a steel pulse thrusts,

Marking time’s new reign, …from flesh to rust.