Chronicles of the Helionomads: From Dawn to Dusk

In "Chronicles of the Helionomads: From Dawn to Dusk," Inderjot captures the evolutionary saga of a humanoid species whose essence is intertwined with the sun. Freed from the primal hunt for sustenance, the Helionomads flourish through the harnessing of sunlight, embodying a utopia where energy is limitless and life is sustained by light itself. Yet, as Inderjot’s narrative unfolds through these stages—from nascent beings bathed in solar innocence to complex societies overshadowed by corporate monopolies—it questions the fate of a civilization when its very lifeblood, the sunlight, becomes a controlled commodity. This series of visuals is not just a chronicle of growth and development; it is a canvas of ethical inquiry, probing the dynamics of power, freedom, and dependency in a world where natural abundance meets artificial constraint.


Genesis of Light: The First Awakening – Basking in the unfiltered glory of the sun, their skin a shimmering canvas of photosynthetic cells, marking the dawning of a new era.

Harmony in Hues: Early Bonds with Nature – Amidst the verdant whispers of the forest, a tribe of Helionomads gathers, their translucent skins adorned with living tapestries of algae, sipping the essence of life.

Under the Sunlit Canopies: A Community Blossoms – Villages flourish under open roofs, fostering growth and enlightenment, as the Helionomads weave sunlight into their daily rhythms.

Paths of Reflection: The Pilgrimage of Youth – Youthful exuberance fills streets, cycling past cathedral spires dedicated to the celestial benefactor

Eclipse of Autonomy: The Sun Seized – In the towering shadows of a modern metropolis, the sacred sun is now a commoditized beacon, its essence rationed by towering corporates, a stark testament to the cost of progress.