Beyond the glass


Which side are we on? Reality, or just shadows flickering back? Imagine there's a door, not seen but felt, between "maybe" and "could be." This unseen door teases, a playful challenge of hide and seek with what's true. Are we the ones outside looking in, or inside looking out? It's a game, flipping possibilities end over end. Is something more waiting, just beyond our reach? It's an invitation, this unseen threshold, to peek, to leap, to discover. In this interplay of echoes and essence, it's our turn. What's real, what's merely an echo? Lean in, guided by curiosity, but mindful of the fear that whispers of self-discovery. We might just uncover where truth and dreams merge, revealing a secret: we're both dreaming and living the dream, painting our lives, blending our stories and songs into a melody that resonates in the heart of everything.