I use natural elements to explore connections between thought and the natural world.

This piece seeks to present the human constituted (or not) from autumn leaves and branches. The leaves, in shades of red, orange and yellow, are intricately arranged to form contours that suggest an ephemeral map of thoughts and emotions.

There is a permanent quest to establish a sensitive dialogue between the cyclical nature of life and the transitory quality of things. Leaves change color and eventually fall from the trees, thoughts and emotions constantly change and evolve. Autumn as a canvas emphasizes themes of transformation and decay, reminding us of the beauty of impermanence.

I also sought a certain balance of color and texture, creating a contrast between the vivid leaves and the soft, almost ethereal background. This contrast not only highlights the human condition, but also enhances the ethereal quality of the work. The arrangement of leaves and branches creates a complex, textured surface that invites inspection and contemplation.