Ben Fowler

Ben Fowler

I've had a fairly interesting and rather unconventional career: I've worked as an illustrator, clothing designer, surf and snowboard shop owner, buyer for an e-commerce company, internet gift & gadget store owner and created a craft beer brand (Original Stormtrooper Beer). The design and illustration was mostly old school - pen, paper, gouache and acrylic but with some late 90s Illustrator and Photoshop work thrown in. When I became a buyer back in 2002, I put down the crayons and thought I'd probably never do anything particularly creative again; however with the advent of the craft ale business, it was my responsibility to decide on the brand identity which meant - initially and because I hadn't touched a pencil or Adobe program in two decades - compiling decks and creating design briefs for other artists to interpret and make material. As things progressed I became more and more involved with creating packaging and merchandise etc, mostly recycling and developing the artwork the designers had come up with. Then in 2023 when the noise around whole AI thing grew deafening, someone showed me something they had created with Midjourney and I had an epiphany. All the limitations I had had about being able to realise an idea, however complicated, disappeared and I happily fell headlong into the GenAI vortex. Suddenly everything was possible and I haven't looked back.

Designs for Original Stormtrooper Beer

  Designs for Original Stormtrooper Beer   I have a compnay that has a licence to produce Original Stormtrooper Beer, based on the the armour produced for the fiirst film back in 1977 by Shepperton Design Studios. We've transitioned from using more...

Goon Squad

  Goon Squad   A series of ersatz propaganda posters featuring the alternate thoughts of Chairman Mao  

Stalin Pepper

  Stalin Pepper   A poster riffing on propaganda imagery, The Beatles Sgt Pepper album and Peter Blake's 'Babe Rainbow' from 1968  

Chairman of the Bored

  Chairman of the Bored I wanted to produce a series of images subverting the idea of propaganda posters based on the (possibly) real thoughts of Chairman Mao, not the 267 aphorisms more widely know and distributed. The endless proselytising must have been...