Jaewon Oh

Jaewon Oh

I am interested in creating AI art based on neural network aesthetics. I operate an alien character brand called OLONGEYES. In collage with real-life videos, we are working on reminding people of a new aspect of reality and making use of the unique naturalness that only artificial intelligence can do.

forced Organic experiment.01

  forced Organic experiment.01 [forced Organic Experiment.01] This work forcibly gives organicity to parts that should not be organic through the neural network aesthetics of artificial intelligence. This raises the question of the role of generative artificial...

Flutting Legacy

  Flutting Legacy [Flutting Legacy] It shows the identity and heritage of East Asian palaces and World Heritage sites that are shaken by natural disasters or cultural terrorism, and expresses the concept that is often restored and destroyed through flapping...

It’s Hard to Survival in Seoul

  It's Hard to Survival in Seoul [It's hard to serve in Seoul] expresses Korea's congested rush hour and traffic congestion in an LCM model so that viewers can familiarly accept life like a rolling wheel.