Brea Miller

Brea Miller

Art sort of found me. I took an interest in photography after a friend asked if I could take headshots for their first album cover, and I guess because it turned out better than expected, I was surprised with Photoshop for my 17th birthday. I started editing every family photo I could get my hand on, just to teach myself how to use the software. Eventually, I was inspired to create something new after every conversation, song, or scenic view. I even considered attending Full Sail for graphic design, but decided, I'd use the GI Bill to pay for school instead. While most of my peers prepared for college in the fall, I prepared for Basic Training. Any vet will tell you, there's a slim chance to none you'll get your preferred job choice based on the jobs you qualify for. I could have been assigned to the Space Command, Signals Communication Intelligence, or Command Control, but no, out of the four jobs I chose on my dream sheet, I was assigned my first choice, Photography Journeyman. Fast-forward a decade, I was introduced to digital marketing where I eventually veered into content creation, just to keep my creative spirit alive. I've written blogs, developed and designed websites and apps, and now I'm exploring the best that AI has to offer.

Distinguished Savage

  Distinguished Savage The "Distinguished Gentlemen" depicts themes of identity and anthropomorphism at the intersection of nature and culture. Each portrait capturing the essence of elegance and sophistication, from a lion adorned in a tailored suit...

Focus Flows

  Focus Flows Energy goes where focus flows.  

Leading Ladies

  Leading Ladies A preview of the leading ladies from a few of my upcoming, AI-generated, short films.  

Globus Gnosis

  Globus Gnosis The self-sufficient planet Globus Gnosis drifts amid a sea of clouds. Nestled between three distant energy sources in the EZ Aquarii tristar system, this man-made utopian paradise harnesses wind, solar, and kinetic energy sources to sustain all...