Mathias Jansson

Mathias Jansson

Mathias Jansson is a Swedish AI-artist and writer, who collaborates with AI text to image tools as DALL-E to visualize ideas, concept and images. I have always been interested in how artists are using new media to create art with as videogames, AR, VR, AI and so on. Inspired by mixing art history with new ideas and concept with the help of AI.

Habsburg AI

Habsburg AI On internet there is an overflow of AI culture in the form of images, texts, songs, and films. Is this the beginning of the artist’s demise and the decline of human creativity, or will human creativity become invaluable in the future? An AI requires vast...

The Dream of Creating a Creator

The Dream of Creating a Creator We humans are unique among all living creatures on Earth, perhaps even in the entire universe, due to our intelligence and creative abilities that set us apart from other animals. At least, that’s how we’ve chosen to describe ourselves....

Dreaming of octopus

  Dreaming of octopus   A series of classic paintings with a octopus as main character.  

The church of RGB

  The church of RGB   The cyperpunk tech-church dedicated to RGB (Red, Green, Blue).  

The ornamented forest

  The ornamented forest   Some animals in the forest with grey and orange colors and ornaments inspired by Maya symbols and nature.  

It’s not art, it’s created by a machine

It's not art, it's created by a machine It cannot be considered art as you only use a machine to create the image. No, I'm not talking about AI art, but about photography. When photography was introduced as a way of depicting reality, there was a lot of...

The Eggvasion of the future – a yolk fiction

  The Eggvasion of the future - a yolk fiction   A history where eggs invades the earth and enslaves humans. Made with DALL-E.  

Space war of the jellyfish

  Space war of the jellyfish   Image of jellyfish fighting space battles, inspired by the style of paintings from 1800. Made with DALL-E.  

Yolkism -an alternative AI-Art history

Yolkism -an alternative AI-Art history I have expolored an alternative art history where yolks, with its yellow shining surface has a central position in the paintings inspirered by classic art history motives....